Cook Up Some Mac & Cheese Brisket Balls

Mac & Cheese Brisket Balls

Thanksgiving is coming, and if you’re anything like we are you’ll need to stretch your stomach out to fit the massive amount of food you plan to shovel down. So when we saw this recipe for fried macaroni and cheese brisket balls on Thrillist, we immediately headed to the kitchen.

It’s scientifically proven that food tastes better in ball form, especially when you can pick it up and put it in your mouth. This isn’t the easiest recipe, as it requires you to first both smoke some brisket and make mac and cheese from scratch, but the end results are very worth it. Basically, after you do that you then chill the combination, cut it into squares, dredge it in an egg wash, flour and panko and deep-fry the resultant orbs.

What happens is that the cheese melts in the heat of the fryer and cooks the balls from the inside while the exterior coating gets crispy and holds the gooey deliciousness of the brisket balls in place. Just be patient and don’t try to eat them right out of the fryer. Mouth burns are no joke and the last thing you want before Turkey Day is a gobbler that isn’t working at full steam.