COVID-19 Could Damage Fertility In 20% Of Male Cases

COVID-19 Could Damage Fertility In 20% Of Male Cases

Even though successful vaccine trials have been announced for the novel coronavirus COVID-19, humanity is still grappling with the disease and learning about its many effects on the body. Now a recent study from the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine shows that the virus can survive for a very long time in the testicles, and that could lead to seriously diminished fertility for a large cohort of patients.

Researchers examined a selection of testicle tissue taken from men who had died of COVID-19 as well as a man who had an asymptomatic case of the disease a week earlier. Those findings demonstrated a possible 20% loss of fertility across the group. While the sample size was relatively small, it indicates that more research needs to be done as people continue to protect themselves from the disease.

This is the second study this year that has found a link between the coronavirus and diminished male fertility. The first was published in Israel in October. The disease is believed to have a number of deleterious effects on the human body, not just the respiratory system. It’s all connected to the ACE2 receptor, which can be found in numerous locations around the body. Mask up, check ’em every month and keep yourself safe out there.

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