Creatine Supplements Linked To Testicular Cancer


A new study from Yale University might make you think twice about your supplements. Creatine, a naturally-occurring nitrogenous organic acid, has been popular among weightlifters and bodybuilders for some time for its ability to cut fat and build muscle.

Unfortunately, it may also lead to increased rates of testicular cancer. WebMD reports on the study, which involved 869 men in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Almost 20% of the men surveyed who had testicular cancer had used creatine-containing supplements. Even after adjusting for other risk factors like smoking, the link was still there.

The exact scientific causes of the increase in testicular cancer have yet to be determined. One speculation is that these supplements may contain other, unlabeled compounds such as androgenic steroids, which have also been linked to testicular cancer in animals. Whatever the cause, if you’re juicing with supplements, it might be a good time to go all-natural.