Cricket Player Takes Two Balls To The Balls


We don’t write about cricket very much here on the ol’ Ball Report because, to be frank, we don’t understand it. Growing up in America it was one of those made-up sports they write about in old books, but it’s actually insanely popular all over the globe. And, like any sport where balls get thrown at high speeds, sometimes people take nasty shots to the groin and then we have to pay attention.

Tuesday’s game pit South Africa A against Australia A, and the Aussies were whipping hard 96-6 when batsman Vernon Philander stepped up for South Africa. He was greeted by a toss from Joe Mennie that knocked him straight in the yarbles. Philander managed to walk it off, stepped up to the bat again, and proceeded to take a second ball in the crotch. What are the odds? Astoundingly, even after taking a double play to the groin, Philander went for one more go… and was bowled out.

Metro has a little more on the incident, in case you need it. Our best wishes to Mr. Philander and may he stay safe on the pitch in future games.