Cunning Outdoorsman Starts Fire With a Nut

Surviving as an outdoorsman—indeed, surviving as a human up until just a few centuries ago—is all about resourcefulness. The efficiency with which a camper or hunter can provide for him- or herself the basic necessities in an uncivilized environment can conceivably be the difference between life and death. That may be overstating it a bit for the average weekend warrior, but the point is, it’s good to know how to start a dang fire.

You might begin your education here, with a mild-mannered German speaking man demonstrating the fine art of fire-making by utilizing an improvised bow/drill system. To keep his hand from also becoming part of the blaze, he makes use of natural detritus—first, a shell, and then, you guessed it, a regular old nut. And unlike a set of matches or flint, this handy tool comes with its own snack!