Dad Jumping On Balls Fails Hard


The nice folks at The Chive give away $500 a month to the person who sends them the funniest video, which is great. But for our purposes, it’s greater that they picked this clip of a dad trying to do a fall onto a pair of massive exercise balls, because it’s very relevant to our interests.

We’re not going to spoil the clip for you, so watch it before you read on. It’ll take you less than a minute. We’ll just take a drink of water or something.

Back? Cool. So the first thing you can see wrong with this video is that these are not exercise balls that the dad is throwing himself on. They’re some kind of big balloon, that’s why they have enough give to sort of fold his body up like a giant soft taco. One thing to note, though, is that if he was actually using exercise balls, the results would be significantly worse. Instead of giving to the impact, they would have shot out to either side, either knocking over the kid or destroying some furniture. That would also result in the falling man just going splat on the floor.

Those quibbles aside, this is a pretty great video and very much worth $500.