Dangerous Golf Is A Mayhem-Filled New Game


If you’re a true gamer, you probably remember racing game Burnout‘s Crash Mode. Instead of carefully weaving your ride through traffic, Crash Mode made players cause enormous pile-ups of destruction using their car as a weapon. Now developer Three Fields Entertainment, made up of some of Burnout‘s creative talent – are delivering a twist on the concept with Dangerous Golf, which just dropped a hilarious trailer.

Taking inspiration from the many popular physics sandbox titles on the market, Dangerous Golf is the most ridiculous mini-golf game ever coded. Over 100 holes in a variety of environments await you, but the real pleasure is the property damage you can cause. Like normal golf, you have to get the ball in the hole under a set amount of strokes, but players get bonus points for the wreckage they leave in their wake, as well as for hitting high-value targets.

Although it looks like dumb fun, Dangerous Golf actually has some high-powered physics under the hood. In an article in New Scientist, the team describes the complexity of modeling a simulation in which one errant ball can interact with potentially thousands of individual destructible objects. Throw in fluid dynamics and an element of randomness to keep things interesting and you’ve got a wild playground for your balls.

Dangerous Golf releases on June 3rd for Xbox One, PS4 and Windows computers.