Danny Dyer Shows Off His Massive Ball On TV

When you get called out for having a big set of balls, it’s important to roll with the punches. Here’s a quick explainer to bring Americans reading up to speed. Danny Dyer is an English actor who is currently on long-running soap EastEnders. He’s also a pretty sassy guy.

On Celebrity Juice (a popular gossip and chat show), Dyer was sitting next to Holly Willoughby when host Keith Lemon asked him about the rumors that he had a huge pair of testicles. Apparently they’re not totally accurate, as Dyer responded that only one of his two nuts was above average.

“I got one massive bollock, yeh one massive bollock. It’s a mad thing yeh. It weighs a f** ton. I’d love to wack it out. Can I wack it out?”

Wack it out he did, apparently unzipping his trousers and hauling out his ballsack in front of Willoughby and fellow panelist Fearne Cotton. Their reactions were about what you’d expect if a dude pulled his balls out in front of you. Thankfully, there were no cameras behind the table to capture Dyer’s allegedly massive nut. The Daily Mail has a full writeup of the situation, if you need more detail.