Deadliest Catch Crewman Struggles With Enlarged Testicle

Although we’re primarily concerned with testicular cancer here at the Ball Report, it’s important to recognize that there are plenty of other things that can go wrong with your balls. And thanks to crewman Bumper DelMar from Deadliest Catch, we’ve got some video of one of them.

Bumper is suffering from an inguinal hernia, which is when a weak spot in the abdominal muscles allow something through into the scrotum. That’s typically a little bit of intestine, but it can be pretty much anything that’ll fit through the hole. The end result is painful and embarrassing.

On the latest episode of Deadliest Catch, which aired on Tuesday, Bumper and his co-workers were enjoying some down time when the subject of his groin pain came up. Like a true bro, he whipped it out to show them what it looked like. As a stacker, Bumper has to push and pull heavy objects all day, and every time he does so it forced a little more intestine down into his scrotum.

Thankfully, the boat was able to take him off of duty until he received medical attention for his enormous ballsack. We’ll see how the story of Bumper’s inguinal hernia plays out on future episodes of Deadliest Catch.