Dell Hijacks Hewlett Packard Event With Huge Balls

Hewlett Packard Balls

The technology world is a cutthroat place, and brands are always looking for ways to one-up each other. We have to give props to Dell, though: what they did at this year’s Hewlett Packard Enterprise Global Partner Conference took big balls.

The conference, which takes place in Boston, draws executives from all over the world to learn about the company’s latest initiatives. It’s a big deal, and there’s a lot of money involved. So when a squad of dudes in full gimp outfits showed up at the entrance to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Centre holding massive inflatable balls, the optics weren’t good.

Dell recently merged with EMC, and the company is obviously trying to secure a position in the enterprise space. But this isn’t the way you’d want to do it. The inflatable spheres were emblazoned with slogans advertising Dell’s customer-focused approach, which is solid messaging, but the delivery method leaves something to be desired.

Listen: we’re happy whenever anybody brings balls into the public dialogue. It lets us remind men to check their scrotums on the regular for any abnormalities that might be signs of testicular cancer. But if you’re trying to disrupt an executive-level conference and establish yourself as a legitimate competitor to Hewlett Packard, maybe leave the balls and gimp suits at home. It’s just not a good look for anyone.

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