Destroying Stress Balls Is Very Soothing

Destroying Stress Balls Is Very Soothing

Stress balls have become big business in our increasingly turbulent times, as people are looking for a way to mitigate the intense pressures of existence in a world on the brink that they can do while they work. The general principle is that you squeeze your troubles away by compressing balls filled with microbeads or other stuffing. Do they work? Who knows, but tons of people swear by them.

The crew at Vat19 decided to put these stress balls through their paces in a new video where they not only create their own stress balls with the aid of a DIY vacuum chamber, filling them with all sorts of materials (including gelatin and chili), but also destroy them in a number of wacky ways to see what will happen, often in glorious slow motion. Watch it here.

We have to say, going to town on these stress balls with a crossbow seems much more relaxing than just squeezing them impotently in our hands. Next time we’re feeling frustrated at the office we’ll destroy some stress balls in the employee lounge and see if anybody has the guts to complain.

Thanks to the AV Club for the tip.