Dirty Chai Energy Balls Taste Better Than They Sound

Dirty Chai Energy Balls

The word “dirty” doesn’t necessarily whet our appetites, but we’ll make an exception for these delicious dirty chai energy balls. Eating healthy snacks is one of the best way to maintain a balanced diet. The health benefits of chai tea are also well-established. So putting everything together seems like a can’t-miss proposition.

These no-cook energy balls are flavored with a mix of healthy spices that will both enliven your palate and have positive biological effects. Ginger is widely used for traditional medicine in Asian countries to relieve nausea and pain. Cinnamon is a powerful additive for nausea and the common cold. And nutmeg works to alleviate pain and soothe indigestion as well.

Combine these spices with dates for quick, healthy energy, oats for fiber, cacao nibs for their flavor and powerful antioxidant properties and a few other ingredients and you’ve got an energy ball for the ages. These dirty chai balls don’t contain any actual dirt, thankfully, and taste amazing.

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