DIY Cotton Balls: If You Can Read This Language

If you guessed “Polish”, you’re right! Polish is the language in this video, which is seemingly a DIY crafting guide on how to make these delightful decorative cotton balls. Maybe “cotton balls” is not the right word for what these are, but there’s a significant language barrier here if you haven’t noticed, so just go with it.┬áThat is, as long as you feel comfortable wiring a lot of low-voltage electricity through some fairly flammable-looking fabric for the sake of holiday mirth. You’d probably be the only person in the world to ever have died from a fire started by LED lights igniting the glue from a yarn project, but think about all the people who said they’d never buy the company that makes the Segway and then die by┬ádriving a Segway right off a cliff! They look pretty foolish now, boy.