Do You Have Big Enough Balls To Outlast PewDiePie?

We’ve talked about PewDiePie before here on The Ball Report, to an extent that is, frankly, a little beyond our comfort level. But we do like watching videos, and the fact of the matter is that PewDiePie is the largest independent YouTube account in the world, with a subscriber count that easily outnumbers the likes of Justin Bieber and Rihanna put together. Let that sink in for a moment. This guy is (inexplicably, in our view, but nevertheless) extraordinarily popular, and a bona fide—if nontraditional— celebrity.

This recent episode of Scare PewDiePie, in which our intrepid host proves he has big enough balls to survive a haunted hospital, we’re sorry to say, is not primed to change our opinion much.

There is no doubt some backstory we’re missing by not having seen the entirety of Felix Kjellberg’s (PewDiePie, to the layman) collection or the previous six episodes of the series (mostly previews, but still); nevertheless, it’s hard to imagine something less unnerving than watching a subject meander through a hallway of back-alley extras in scrubs with a camera strapped to his chest. The idea is that enough of Kjellberg’s trademark wit and likability will bleed through the not-dissimilar medium despite the flimsy premise, but we’re not convinced. Do we have big enough balls to hang? Sure, but we’d rather not.

If this is the future of TV, then we’d like to cut the cord.