Do You Need Underwear To Protect Your Balls From Cell Phones?

Wireless Armour Underwear

We live in a world that’s essentially saturated with radiation. We’re all carrying little devices around with us that constantly send and receive signals through the air, and chances are any public place is also suffused with Wi-Fi networks and other atmospheric pollution. With all that radiation comes very real concerns about potential health hazards, especially for organs on the outside of the body like the testicles. One company claims to have invented underwear that will insulate your boys from harmful atmospheric radiation. Read on to find out how they do it.

British scientist Joseph Perkins is the mind behind Wireless Armour, a line of underwear that touts itself as being the only pants to keep your gonads protected from cell phone radiation. The secret ingredient is a patented fabric he calls “RadiaTex.” It’s a cotton weave permeated with a silver mesh that shields against electromagnetic radiation. It also has anti-microbial properties, reducing jock itch as a side effect.

The underwear comes in two varieties – 180, which uses the RadiaTex only on the front of the garment, and 360, which offers all-around protection. But is this all really necessary? The World Health Organization has classified mobile phones as a “group 2B” cancer risk, meaning that their potential to cause the disease is as yet unknown. Whether investing in expensive silver-lined underpants is a wise method of prevention is up to your budget.

The Wireless Armour underpants certainly have their share of boosters, though. Richard Branson is on the record as a fan, and the technology behind them seems sound. What do you think? Are you worried enough about your iPhone blasting your balls that you need special undies to protect them?