Is This Doctor Rubbing His Balls On A Patient’s Face?


The world is full of videos that show terrible and unsettling things, but this one is kind of pushing the envelope. A week or so ago, some footage was dropped on YouTube that claims to be a doctor messing with an unconscious patient at a hospital by opening his pants and mashing his nuts into the patient’s face. Obviously this is a serious violation of the Hippocratic oath, but we have some questions.

Let’s be frank, though: this video is really blurry and not terribly conclusive. Sure, the man in the picture could be a doctor, and his motions certainly do look like he’s rubbing his scrotum on a person’s face. But it’s so far away, and we have so little information about what’s going on, that we need to know more.

There’s nothing in the image that identifies the hospital, and the doctor’s face has been blurred out. That’s an immediate red light for us – if you captured somebody doing something this gross, why the hell would you take the time to conceal his identity? That’s the first thing we want to know! Maybe it’s to protect the videographer, but the more we watch this the more we think it’s a prank or a fake.

Props to Mandatory for finding the story.