Doctors Claim Coronavirus Could Damage Testicles

Doctors Claim Coronavirus Could Damage Testicles

Oh boy. It was only a matter of time before the coronavirus pandemic reached our particular medical interest zone, and new statements from a group of doctors in China’s Wuhan province, where the disease was first identified, indicate that not only can in wreak havoc on your respiratory system but it also might mean trouble for your balls.

Professor Li Yufeng at Wuhan’s Tongji Hospital spoke to the press yesterday to urge men who have recovered from the COVID-19 coronavirus to have their fertility assessed as soon as possible after the disease has left their system.

His concern comes because of the method that the virus uses to enter human cells. The spike protein of the COVID-19 virus is targeted to penetrate angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), a protein that is present in cell membranes. Previous medical research has shown that protein is especially abundant in the testicles, giving the virus an opportunity to cause more damage down there.

Because the novel coronavirus is so new, no studies have been performed explicitly examining its damage to the reproductive organs. This is just a doctor acting with an abundance of caution to make sure it doesn’t cause any additional damage down the road, and we applaud him for it. Obviously you should check ’em every month, but if you’re quarantined give them another feel just to be safe.

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