This Doctor’s Done Over 25,000 Vasectomy Operations

Vasectomy Doctor Neil Pollock

Male birth control isn’t quite as well developed as the female option, but there is one thing that’s pretty dependable, and that’s getting a vasectomy. The surgery to disable your babymaking mechanism is pretty simple: just cut into the scrotum and close off the vas deferens, the little tube that carries the sperm into your dinger. What used to be a complex operation is now done in under five minutes with a little non-needle anesthetic.

Just ask Vancouver doctor Neil Pollock, who is his area’s master surgeon when it comes to the balls. Pollock has done over 25,000 vasectomies over the course of his career, and on World Vasectomy Day, which was last Friday, he celebrated by doing 35 more of the procedures.

Unlike other forms of contraception, vasectomies have absolutely no impact on sexual pleasure or performance. They are exceptionally reliable and can even be reversed (although it’s a great deal more time-consuming, painful and expensive to do so). Sure, the recovery period isn’t much fun, but not having to worry about unwanted pregnancies is great. That said, even if you do get your balls tied off, you are still at as much risk of testicular cancer as any other man, so if you go for it, make sure to keep checking your nuts once a month at minimum.

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