Does The World Really Need Special Soap For Testicles?

Soap For Testicles

Kickstarter is a funny place. The crowdfunding site has enabled thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs to make their business dreams come true. It’s paved the way for some truly amazing works of art that would have otherwise gone unrealized. And then there are the people who try to use it to make soap for testicles.

It’s called “Ballsoap For Dudes,” because obviously ladies don’t have any need for ballsoap, and it’s the brainchild of a guy named Parker Wright. Like so many good ideas, it came to him in the shower. While he was washing his family jewels, Wright realized that men don’t really have any hygiene products that are just for them. The fairer sex can choose from shelves worth of products designed to freshen up their vajayjays, but when it comes to balls the pickings are slim.

It’s not from lack of need, either. Any dude who has worked hard on a hot day knows that your boys can build up quite a funky smell. Not keeping your nards clean can also lead to jock itch and other unpleasant situations. That’s why Wright took some time to formulate his Ballsoap For Dudes, which is made from 100% natural ingredients including mentha piperita, hemp and vitamin E oils. His product keeps your nuts clean and moisturized.

So far, the world doesn’t really seem to be too into it. The campaign has raised just $450 of its $5,000 goal. But there’s still time for all of us ball-loving people to step up to the plate and make Wright’s dream of clean scrotums a reality. You may not think you need soap for testicles, but how will you know unless you try it?

The campaign has eight days to go at press time, and you can back it here.