Don’t Touch The Balls (For Very Long (Or They’ll Explode))

It’s nearly the end of January, which means that not once in 2016 have we checked in with the internet’s favorite video game person to take another stab at figuring out why he is so rich, famous, and universally well-liked. So we cued up “DON’T TOUCH THE BALLS”, a recent play through from PewDiePie and a few collaborators, to see for ourselves once again whether or not we can acquire this taste.

We could not.

Unfortunately, there is nothing about “DON’T TOUCH THE BALLS” that could begin to explain where the favor and popularity for this beloved YouTube icon come from. The game itself seems fun enough, although we get the distinct impression that you need to know a lot about games to even guess at what game it is (the title is not mentioned in the video or description, as far as we can tell). It seems like a mod. Is there any commentary on that from our intrepid host? There is not. There is some cursing, and giggles.

The video has some 1.5M views in the 24 hours or so since it was posted. The mystery continues.