“Don’t Use a Groin Protector,” Says Pretend Gun Guy

Airsoft and Airsofting seems to be a paintball-adjacent activity that, apparently, guys are really prone to getting excited about. Nothing wrong with that, on its face, although it does eventually get a little weird when you insist on accurate weapon facsimiles and realistic tactical strategies. Of course, Airsofting is exactly that.

Aside from all of the normal concerns about normalizing excessive violence and super duper convincing automatic weapon mimics just waltzing around from park to park, another crucial aspect is that the people playing this game are eventually shot with something or other. Sometimes they are shot in their groins. That’s the part of the body we care about the most here!

So we didn’t like it too much when Jonathan Higgs, host of the Airsoftology program, advised against wearing a groin protector when playing (doing? running?) Airsoft. This is a huge mistake! Wear a groin protector when things are being shot at you, folks! They protect your groin. And that’s important.