Drive A Dang Golf Ball Into An Axe Like It’s Nothing


Driving a golf ball and filming it in super slo-mo? Cutting open a golf ball to see what’s inside? Meh. Child’s play, both things. Now, combining the two somehow, and having a super sharp axe glued into the ground or something, on the other hand…you might have something there. That might be the recipe for something cool.

With the value of a golf ball apparently skyrocketing as oil, the Venezuelan economy, and the Wii U’s resell value are in the toilet, perhaps it’s not the wisest investment strategy around to be slamming these bad boys into axe faces. Then again, you could give us a case of balls and the best driver on the market and we’d be there all day without cutting one open, so it wouldn’t matter much to us.

And that raises an interesting question. If you could put a golf ball wherever you wanted to, by virtue of hitting it just the right way with an absurdly lightweight metal stick, would you spend all day trying to stick an axe in the ground so you could try to make it cut something open? Seems like you probably wouldn’t. Seems like you’d probably try to make a little money off of it, or at least take out all those birds in the parking lot?

Cool video, though.