Watch This Dude Pull Seven Cars With His Balls

We’ve written a time or two about the Iron Egg technique, that branch of Kung Fu learning that makes your gonads as hard as metal and lets you perform feats of strength with them. But this new video of master Ye Wei using his balls to pull seven cars down the street is still pretty amazing.

At the end of March, Wei hooked up seven Audis to a strong rope during a performance in Shandong Province. He then wrapped that rope around his nutsack and started pulling. After a few initial starts, he gets some momentum up and tows the line of automobiles 37 feet down the road.

Obviously, this is another “don’t try it at home” moment, even if by some insane happenstance you do have seven cars available for a scrotal tow. According to this Daily Mail article, Wei has been practicing this technique for thirty years. He believes that the technique could serve as a remedy for impotence or bladder problems, but we think pulling a line of cars with your balls is a little more important.

This isn’t the first time Wei has made the news with his abilities. A few years ago, he did the same stunt with five cars. We’ll see if he breaks his own record any time in the future.