Easter Popcorn Balls Go Horribly, Hilariously Wrong


What did you do for Easter? Get together with family, watch the kids hunt some eggs, maybe give yourself a quick testicular self-exam in honor of the risen Christ? Okay, we’re being a little cheeky here but we can’t forget what the Ball Report is here to do. Popular YouTubers iJustine and Jenna Ezarik decided they wanted to do a cute cooking video for the holiday and make popcorn balls, only to find out that they were in over their heads.

The duo have a creative kit with a wide variety of frosting and candy, but they just can’t seem to make their creations look like the box and the Easter project devolves into a lot of yelling and chaos. Their final creations are pretty embarrassingly bad, looking like somebody left a couple Minions out in the rain for a few weeks. Lesson learned: don’t try to get too fancy with your holiday decorations. Unless you’re trying to make a funny YouTube video, and then go right ahead.

How could these ladies have improved their popcorn balls? Maybe a little bit more patience and care, and a ittle bit less in the way of wacky sound effects and dramatic over-reaction. That’s just our opinion, though.