Eating Nuts And Berries Is Good And Fine To Do

As food critic Jay Rayner points out in this BBC Newsnight panel, from nearly the beginning of human history, we have been grinding grain into flour and processing food for the masses. So it doesn’t make a tremendous amount of sense, dialectically speaking, to twist ourselves into knots about processed foods every couple of years. Many of these concerns are fads, coming and going with the whims of whoever creates them, and in the end our diets are roughly unchanged. That isn’t to say they’re not bad, of course; they are! We all eat like crap. We should be eating nuts and salad and so on a lot more than bacon and sour cream–but we don’t need a mnemonic device or a billion dollar organic company to remind us of that, surely. We should just be eating nuts because we like them! We can have the bacon on the side.