Ellen Is Still Swinging Her Wrecking Balls

You’ve seen it here (and everywhere else) before, surely, but just in case, watch¬†the first time Ellen DeGeneres brought out her big, fake, swingin’ wrecking balls. It’s mandatory viewing for anyone who likes to giggle and support a great cause, so go on and click it. But come right back!

Okay, you’re back. Whew. So while the original stunt (to promote cancer research charities) was undoubtedly a wild success, it was probably not quite as successful as this video would have you believe. As a follow-up, Ellen sent her best reporters to the CMAs red carpet to play another game of silk-sash-fake-nut wrecking balls¬†with Luke Bryan who, if you trust the gang of cut-ups on Ellen’s video team, spread the game like wildfire. Whatever they’re getting paid, double it!