Every Super Bowl Football Comes From This Small Ohio Town

Ohio Super Bowl Footballs

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us once again, and here at the Ball Report we’re going to dispense with the usual predictions and profiles and instead head out to a small town in Ohio for a little ball-centric behind the scenes peek at the real star of the game: the pigskin.

American footballs are the most unusual of the sportsballs, with their pointed oblong shape and unconventional texture. So naturally it takes a specialized business to make them – like the Wilson Football Factory in Ada, Ohio. Since 1947, every single National Football League ball has been made by this company, and their business reaches a fever pitch when the Super Bowl draws near.

The sport has been plagued with ball problems in recent years – who can forget Tom Brady’s “Deflategate” – but Wilson takes pride in their consistency and quality. The factory makes thousands of game balls stamped with the iconic Super Bowl logo in just two weeks, with workers showing up for overtime just to get through the season. This isn’t unskilled manufatuing work, either – there’s real craft on display at Wilson, with intensively trained employees showing off their speed and precision. Bet you never knew so much went into those balls, right?

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