Eyeball Jell-O Shots For The Discerning Drinker

Hey, here’s a spooky ass drink for all you drunken revelers to try and put together this Halloween. Wisely, The Tipsy Bartender has posted this recipe well in advance of the actual holiday so that you have time to source your ingredients and go through a few “practice runs” before the big day. Lychee fruit doesn’t exactly grow on trees, you know? (Actually, does it? Nevermind.) There are less gross and more streamlined ways to get alcohol in your bloodstream than eyeball shots, of course, and most of them don’t involve Jell-O because honestly, come on. But it’s good for a goof, and the taste testers only kind of hated them! Just keep them out of your kids’ hands, unless you want your kids to have a fun Halloween for once.