This Female Pro Wrestler Will Throw You By The Balls

It used to be that an interest in female pro wrestling was a pretty deviant thing – old magazines have advertisements for “apartment wrestling” photo sets where scantily-clad ladies grapple each other in quasi-sexual poses. As time has passed, female pro wrestlers have worked for respect and to be treated as equals. Some even get in the ring with men.

Case in point: Candice LeRae. The Winnipeg-born lady wrestler has earned a reputation as one of the most fearless women in the business. Competing in Los Angeles-based Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, she’s been tag team champions alongside Joey Ryan and had epic matches with Rich Swann, the Human Tornado and even her own fiancee Johnny Gargano.

But why are we writing about her? Well, if you pressed play on the video above, you already know. One of LeRae’s signature moves is the vicious Ballsplex, where she reaches underneath her opponent’s legs from behind, applies a testicular claw and then launches them over into a belly-to-back release suplex. Let’s just say it’s one of those things that we hope we never have to experience.

If you like what you saw, here’s a Candice LeRae tribute video made by a devoted fan for more of her action.