This Guy Is Fighting For The Right Of Manspreading

This Guy Is Fighting For The Right Of Manspreading

If you ride public transportation, you’ve no doubt encountered the topic of “manspreading.” If you haven’t, here’s a quick rundown: typically seats on subways, buses, benches and the like are made for single people, and you sit with your knees together to make sure everybody has room. But some men feel the need to spread their legs wide, pushing them into the space of the seats to the right and left with no concern for their comfort. That’s manspreading.

But not every dude agrees that it’s a bad thing. This last week, a Reddit post went viral by a dude who claims that there’s a scientific reason for men to sit that way and people just need to deal with it. We’re going to quote it at length here:

“Part of it is the q-angle – women have a wider hip structure, which gives a wider range of flexibility along the q-angle, letting them comfortably sit one knee over the other, whereas most men don’t have the range of motion to sit that way at all, let alone comfortably.

Another big part is the balance triangle and how it relates to center of gravity – men are, on average, taller than women, which gives them a higher center of gravity, which narrows the balance triangle.

When you’re sitting on a moving bus, you’ll subconsciously seat yourself into a stable position – the taller you are, the lower you’ll have to position yourself in the seat to stay balanced. Spreading your legs helps widen the balance triangle.

Lastly, there’s the testicular heat stress response – heat stress is lethal for sperm, so the testes evolved to stay cooler than core temperature, migrating into the scrotum upon puberty to better regulate temperature, unlike ovaries.”

Well, there sure is some science here, but we’re not sure that any of it is actually an excuse considering that men are the ones who designed those seats in the first place. What do you think?

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