Filling A Car With Ping Pong Balls Is Harder Than It Looks

You know not to set a bunch of ping pong balls on fire and breathe in the resulting smoke. That’s pretty good. That is a decent start. But the world of ping pong balls is not always so simple. Should you, for instance, try to trash your dad’s nice vintage ride¬†with a (obviously overestimated and therefore inadequate but still extremely) large amount of ping pong balls? No. No, you should not.

Like apparently 80% of the people under age 30 in this country, the “JOOGSQUAD” are professional internet goof-offs and video pranksters. In this case, they miss the mark bad enough that even a dad with relatively few dreadlocks shrugged it off and did something else. The pranksters had to prank themselves by opening up the car door, spilling hundreds of pongs out onto the drive, which they then had to pick up themselves. Also, they had to buy them in the first place. And, of course they had to pick up all the ones that fell out on the first attempt, then stick them back into the car, and pick them up again later. Presumably they picked up all of the ping pong balls left in the car as well.

Great prank. Don’t quit your day job, guys. Unless this is it.