Firefighters Free Trapped Testicle From Chair

Firefighters Free Trapped Testicle

As we’ve learned from several years running this site, guys get their balls into all sorts of mischief. But it’s rare that somebody has to call the firefighters to let them free. Well, there’s a first time for everything.

The scene of the incident is the Hotel Playas de Torrevieja in Torrevieja, Spain. An elderly guest of the hotel aged between 60 and 70 (his name has not been released to spare him the embarrassment) was taking a shower. As you do, he sat down on a plastic stool in the bathroom, but when he went to get up he found the sudden temperature change had lodged one of his balls in a hole in the stool.

Why do they keep making those things with holes in them? Well, to let water drip to the floor and not pool up, but that’s sort of beside the point. The man managed to get help and hotel staff called the firefighters, who came with all of their marvelous tools and managed to get the poor schmuck free by cutting away parts of the chair until his ballsack could be extracted.

What’s the lesson here? Watch where you’re sitting, as even the most innocent chair could transform into a testicular trap.

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