Fittingly, A Nasty Ball Shot Ends Bellator 149

If you knew what we were talking about when we mentioned Dada 5000 vs. Kimbo Slice last week, then you probably tuned in to the excruciatingly amateurish Bellator 149 event on Spike TV Friday night. If so, then you saw some middling undercard fights, an absolutely hilarious heavyweight snoozefes ending (though it would turn out to be less hilarious as we learned about the health issues that caused it) and a grudge match bout between two men whose combined age was in the triple digits. Shockingly, that “coming out of retirement” match was not the one that ended with both combatants sucking wind with their hands on their knees. No, it ended pitifully and controversially, with a hardcore ball shot.

Ken Shamrock, the man on the wrong end of the knee that ended the infamous MMA trilogy, would go on to apologize for his claim that Royce Gracie attacked the groin on purpose, but we wouldn’t expect to get a round four out of these two guys.

They’ve got grandchildren to put in headlocks now!