Flo Rida Tees Off With Gold Golf Balls


What would you do if you had more money than God? Flo Rida attempts to answer that question in the new music video for his track “Zillionaire.” No, you didn’t click on the wrong site by mistake this morning. This clip is relevant because one of his manifestations of outrageous wealth involves heading to the driving range with gold-plated golf balls.

The Carol City-born rapper has been dropping singles in advance of his forthcoming The Perfect 10 album, and “Zillionaire” continues his hit streak of fun, danceable hip-hop that all the tweens love to bump. The basic narrative of the video sees Flo Rida trying to impress a young lady behind the counter of a local corner store by bragging about all the high-end things he’ll do with her. The girl is played by world-class hottie Chanel Iman, which is a nice bonus.

About halfway through, Flo and Chanel step out to the backyard of their fantasy mansion, which of course has a driving range built right in. The duo tee off and when they whack a drive you see that the golf balls they’re using are 24 karat. Of course, this is all computer trickery and video magic, but you can actually buy gold plated golf balls for a little over twenty bucks here.

I think what we’re meant to assume is that the balls are solid gold, which would run you a lot more money and also probably screw up your clubs,

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