Floating Down The Thames River In A Ball Looks Fun As Hell


We do a lot of things with balls on this site, but the idea of floating down the river Thames never occurred to us. Thankfully, the merry pranksters at Trollstation stepped up to the bat and decided to go for a leisurely cruise inside an inflatable sphere.

The human-sized balls, sold under the brand name “Zorb,” are durable enough for rolling around in a variety of terrain, so there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to handle a water journey. The passenger stripped down of almost all of his clothes to reduce weight and then was unceremoniously deposited in the Thames.

Without much of an ability to steer himself, the poor chump was pretty much at the mercy of the current as he leisurely drifted through London, picking up a coterie of gawkers on the way. Although temperatures weren’t great, he looked to be having a decent time out there,

The stunt was also picked up by the local media, with LBC sharing Facebook video taken by a passer-by. Whether this will mark a revolution in London commuting is another story.