The Flying Nut High Five Will Change Your Life


Well, maybe not change your life, but at least keep you entertained for thirteen seconds. Courtesy of the YouTube channel of Tom Leiby, we bring you the Flying Nut High Five.

Are regular high fives, fist bumps, Christian side hugs and the like just not doing it anymore? Do you want a way to greet your bros that truly communicates the intense depth of emotion between you? Are you agile? If you answered “yes” to all of those questions, the Flying Nut High Five might be for you.

The process is simple: find your bro, back off 20 paces or so, and then run at full speed and launch yourselves in the air with your legs in a V shape. Maneuver your flying bodies so that the Vs meet at the point – aka your nuts – and then lock in mid-air before falling to the ground. Congratulations! You’ve done it.

We feel the need to ask you not to try this at home, but how are we going to stop you? If you do incorporate this bizarre variant on the high five into your daily activities, at least make a video of it and send it to us. Who knows, you could set a trend.