Forget the Turkey! Try These Chicken Cheese Balls Instead

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the one and only time of year that many of us will eat the bird which, in an alternate universe, would have become our national representative: the turkey. While the turkey, when prepared properly, is a wonderful meal, and worthy of all the fanfare it receives this time of year, there are probably some other options that could be equally good! Like, say, the filthy little ground fowl we eat all the stinking time?

No, you won’t be trying to convince the kids table to try animal nuts this year instead of yams; these chicken cheese balls are really just mincemeat fritters, and they look pretty darn good. This particular recipe features some East Indian-inspired flavors, and that’s probably as close to the actual history of America as you’ll get on Thanksgiving. But in classic holiday fashion, what starts out as a simple idea turns into an hours-long slog that will undoubtedly turn you off of cooking for weeks later. Cheers!