This Gallery Of People Looking At Ping-Pong Balls Is Amazing

Ping-Pong Balls

We’re not sure how much we’re going to write about the Olympics this year. Plenty of ink has been spilled on the disaster that is Rio trying to host an international sporting exhibition, and many of the summer games don’t even involve balls. But we had to stop and take notice when SB Nation published a hilarious and amazing gallery of the world’s best athletes looking at ping-pong balls in mid-flight.

Typically, watching a table tennis game is a frantic affair. High-level athletes whack those balls back and forth at terrifying speed, and it’s amazing that they manage to get paddles behind them at all. But with modern cameras and their ludicrously fast shutter speeds, we can capture a moment where it looks like the balls aren’t moving at all.

Some clever soul at SB Nation dug through the Getty Images feed for the ping-pong shots and pulled out a selection of hilarious and stunning images that show just how elite these athletes are. See the whole thing here.