Game Show Contestant’s Ego, Nuts Take Beating

This clip of what appears to be a televised Japanese competition of some kind, which comes to us via BroBible, unfortunately is not accompanied by much in the way of context. What we know for sure:

  • The Contestant should be avoiding the spinning obstacles
  • The Contestant manages to avoid the spinning obstacles, until their velocity increases to overwhelming speeds
  • After being whacked several times in the torso and head, The Contestant lies down adjacent to the spinning obstacles
  • The spinning obstacles proceed to annihilate The Contestant’s nuts

The remainder of the video is patently unclear. Does The Contestant submit to the machines willingly, as it appears? What is the object of this game/game show/contest? Is it winnable? What is the origin and purpose of the cruel spinning machines? Was he wearing a cup?!?

We can speculate about the answers to these questions until the cows come home and hit us in the nuts with rotating foam bats, but we will never know for sure. Unless we learn Japanese, which looks pretty hard. So we’ll probably never know for sure.