Gary Woodland Plays From The Hazard With His Nards Out

In the old days, a man might lay his jacket over a puddle so that his lady could cross without risk of getting her fine shoes and clothes wet. That is, at least, what happens in movies and cartoons and stuff; ergo it was definitely a real thing. Just like how anvils used to be everywhere in the 1940s.

But times have changed. Men are wearing expensive pants now, mainly because we heard them advertise during our favorite MMA podcast, and we will not sully them even if it means basically showing everyone our nards in the process.

Now look, accidents happen. As athletes ourselves (we can dunk on most pool hoops) we understand that sometimes you just get into that zone, consequences be damned. But at the same time, a man’s nards are sacred. They should only be viewed by a man, his partner(s), his doctor, his buddy that got tricked into doing a blindfolded sit-up, anyone he’s playing that game with from the Ryan Reynolds waiter movie, paramedics…Okay, so maybe they’re not that sacred.

Regardless, Woodland hit his ball over the fairway into the sand trap, and proceeded to take off his hat and shirt for his next shot.