German Soccer Coach Sniffs His Balls Live On TV


Sunday was a pretty good day for the German soccer team, as they beat Ukraine 2-0 in a match at TKTK, moving to the top of Group C thanks to some exceptional plays from Bastian Schweinsteiger, brought off the bench in the game’s 90th minute, and a header from Shkodran Mustafi. This was an important game for Germany and they fought hard.

All that was overshadowed after the game, unfortunately, when footage of the team’s head coach Joachim Low reaching down the front of his pants, scratching his balls, and then sniffing his fingers went viral on the Internet. We got the story from our friends at Mandatory, but wanted to do some extra research to find out just what kind of guy Low is.

Joachim Low has been the head coach of the German soccer team since 2006, and he’s one of the people held most responsible for the team’s 2014 World Cup victory in Brazil. Low is a former player himself, which might explain some of his quirky tendencies. He’s also been known to have an attention problem, having been stripped of his driver’s license two times for distracted motoring. We have a feeling he’s not going to be getting too many congratulatory handshakes for a while, no matter how well the German team does.