Get Some Dangling Nuts For Your Bike


One of the most important bike safety rules for riding at night is making sure you have a reflector or other light source on the back of your bicycle so that cars can see you. The creators of a new Kickstarter project are taking that advice and giving it a kick in the balls.

The “Bike Balls” bicycle light is a scrotum-shaped safety device that clips on to the seat rails. The light is a powerful LED unit housed in a silicone coating that makes it waterproof and impact-resistant. To turn it on, all you do is squeeze, and the Bike Balls has two flashing patterns as well as a permanent on setting. The mounting system makes it easy to remove your Bike Balls and put them in your pocket when you park your bike, or you can secure them more permanently with a zip tie.

Even the dangling motion of the Bike Balls light has an explanation: the erratic motion of the silicone scrote bouncing around makes the bicyclist even easier to see on the roads. There’s really no reason to not get on board with this, especially if you’re as into balls as we are.

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