This Girl Recovering From Surgery Has Thoughts About Balls

The genre of “people recovering from surgery and saying insane things while the anaesthetic is still in their system” has become popular in the viral video world, and for good reason. Heavy painkillers remove the filter between your brain and your mouth, enabling you to say some pretty hilarious stuff.

One recent example came earlier in the summer with this video of a young girl coming back to consciousness after her knee surgery. Julia Sherman’s mother had the camera rolling when her daughter woke up, but she had no idea what she was about to learn. In the short clip, Sherman blearily looks at her mother and starts talking about “Chinese balls, bouncy balls, hairy balls…” before winking maniacally, making a “call me” gesture and doing one of the weirdest tongue moves we’ve seen in some time.

She uploaded the clip to Twitter in June and it rapidly went viral. Alas, she’s since protected her Twitter account, so we can’t get more information about exactly what kind of balls she was really imagining. Thankfully someone’s uploaded it to YouTube so the mystery can live on.