Girl Uses Boyfriend’s Balls As A Makeup Sponge For Some Reason


In running this very particular web site, we often come across pieces of news that make us say “Oh, now we’ve seen everything.” But this latest tidbit has us saying it very loudly, because apparently at least one young woman has been using her boyfriend’s ballsack as an impromptu makeup sponge.

It all started a few days ago with Twitter user @punkzillaa sending out this poll:

Anybody who answered “no” to that question is a giant loser, just to be clear. The yes votes had it, and Johnna went on to take the Ballsack Face Challenge. With foundation across her forehead, she used the scrotum to gently blend it in, to less than ideal effect. The following video might be a little NSFW depending on where you work and how closely your boss pays attention.

We don’t see this stunt kicking off a fad like the Kylie Jenner lip kit or other Instagram beauty trends. For one, testicles don’t do a tremendously good job as a beauty blender – their surface is a little too nubbly and they pick up a lot of the product onto themselves. Also, finding a guy who’s willing to hold still for this seems like a big ask. We salute the experimentation, but let’s put those balls to better use in the future.