What Do Girls Know About Blue Balls?


We’ve covered the topic of blue balls on this site a time or two – that ache you feel in your groin when you’re sexually frustrated – but there are still a lot of questions out there about why it happens to some men and not others. One group that hasn’t really been heard from in this discussion is people without balls – ie girls. Thankfully the Chive decided to redress this situation and sat a few down for their Asking Couch series.

The video’s definitely funny and worth a watch, as the ladies have a tough time believing what they’re hearing. Since there are no visible physical symptoms of blue balls, it’s easy to imagine that guys are just making it up when they want to bust a nut. By the end of the clip, though, everybody assembled is on the same page and believing that the struggle is real.

That doesn’t mean that they’re volunteering to alleviate the next case of blue balls you might have, though. They’ll just be a little more understanding about it.