Do Girls Like Testicles?


Here at the Ball Report, we can confidently say that we like testicles. In fact, we think they’re some of the most important things on a man’s body. But what does the fairer sex think about our dangly bits? This clip from bodybuilders turned YouTube personalities the Hodge Twins is part of their advice series, where they take questions from the viewership. This one comes from a guy named Gary, who tells about a car crash where his testicles were damaged. His question is whether girls discriminate against a guy with less than attractive balls.

Gary wants to know if he should go forward with having a non-functional testicular implant put in. The surgery, though, might damage his remaining testicle. That’s a tough decision to make. No functioning testicle, no testosterone.

The discussion gets pretty discursive (and the twins drop a terrifying amount of F-bombs during it), but their message is pretty positive: if you’re confident in yourself and don’t treat it like a disfiguring injury, girls shouldn’t care about a ballsack that’s less than ideal. We’re all only human, after all, and you have to do what’s best for you. They encourage Gary to stick with his natural setup and have confidence in himself. We agree.