Girls With Balls Is A New Volleyball Horror Flick

Girls With Balls Is A New Volleyball Horror Flick

The annual Fantastic Fest put on by the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas is a pilgrimage for sleazy movie fans, as some of the best upcoming horror and sci-fi flicks make their debut. This year’s slate had a movie that grabbed our attention for obvious reasons – Girls With Balls.

The brainchild of French director Olivier Afonso, previously best known for his makeup work, Girls With Balls boasts a plot so generic it could have come off the back of a cereal box. A female volleyball team is on their way home from an away game when they’re rerouted through some shady territory. They stop at a saloon for some food and quickly realize that they’re not in Kansas anymore. As they sleep in their van, a horde of malevolent hillbillies descend on them with bad intentions. It’s basically a gender-swapped Deliverance, full of all the sleaze and gore we know and love.

Early reviews indiciate that the flick is a gleefully un-PC takedown of horror tropes that also embraces the genre’s seedier side, with creative kills and comic relief coming at just the right times. Some may argue that the relentless male gaze on the booty short wearing co-eds is a little much, but your mileage may vary.

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