Giving A Husky 100 Tennis Balls Is A Good Idea

Giving A Husky 100 Tennis Balls Is A Good Idea

Many dog breeds have a significant gap between their public perception and their actual existence. The Husky is a great example. People think that these animals are elegant, fluffy beasts with a work ethic that allows them to pull sleds great distances. But in actuality they’re total lunatics who just have way too much energy and need to get rid of it by running ten miles a day. One popular YouTube account that leans into the ridiculous nature of these dogs is Maya the Husky.

Maya has quite a personality and wreaks all manner of havoc on her owner, whether it be by throwing their Amazon Alexa out the window or pushing unsatisfactory food off of her plate. Of course, a dog that good deserves special treats, and Maya got a big surprise when her owner gave her 100 tennis balls. Check out the video.

There’s something about a large number of balls that just short-circuits a dog’s brain. They’re so used to assigning massive value to one of them to fetch and chew on that when there are too many to cognitively process it puts them into an altered state of consciousness. That’s just the power of balls, we guess. Glad Maya is having a good time with them.

See more at the Maya the Husky YouTube channel.