A Golf Ball Blasted Into An Oobleck Balloon Is Amazing


Science is badass. Case in point: oobleck. Named after a slimy substance from a Dr. Seuss book, it’s come to the real world as a combination of cornstarch and water that creates what’s known as a “non-Newtonian fluid.” That means that it doesn’t behave like you’d expect a liquid to under circumstances. The harder you impact it, the closer it resembles a solid, but if you handle it gently it drips and runs like a Jamba Juice.

So we’ve got some Oobleck, what next? Why not get out a golf ball cannon and blast a balloon full of it? The Backyard Scientist released a video where they try a number of entertaining experiments on the substance, starting off with taking a chainsaw to it and seeing what happens. They then move on to blasting it with a small, high-speed projectile (a BB, basically), and climax with a large, high-speed projectile (a golf ball shot with a special cannon).

The resulting explosions are shot in slow-motion for your viewing pleasure. Where can we get one of those golf ball cannons? I’ve got some neighbors that play bad music too early in the morning and they need a little high-velocity message.