Golf Course Accident Saves Man’s Life

Golf Course Accident Saves Man's Life

We’ve shared lots of testicular cancer diagnosis stories here on the Ball Report, but most of them take place in relatively private places like the bathroom or the doctor’s office. But this is the first time that we’ve ever heard of a guy getting his cancer discovered as a result of a slapstick accident at the golf course.

The guy’s name is Sam Humphreys and he lives in Edmond, Oklahoma. Sam has been a dedicated duffer his whole life, and he was out hitting balls at the driving range at the National golf course in Edmond when he noticed his 9 iron had fallen down. In an attempt to be slick, Sam stepped on the club face to flip it up, but that brought the grip whipping up and it whacked him right in the balls.

The pain was so intense that it brought him to the doctor, who diagnosed him with stage two testicular cancer. He began treatment at Stephenson Cancer Center and after surgery and chemotherapy he was given a clean bill of health. Now that he’s clean, he’s returned to the golf team at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, and he’s speaking out to help more men be aware of the disease.

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